The Indestructible Power Of Darkness
An Incoherency

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The Indestructible Power Of Darkness
Can naturally see through your commands

The Indestructible Power Of Darkness
Against all the odds, we make a stand in folly

The Indestructible Power Of Darkness
Demon arising fallen ages come to us and create a new kingdom

The Indestructible Power Of Darkness
The old gods' power returning deep understanding inherent wisdom of black depths

The Indestructible Power Of Darkness
The Red Nightfall Calling


The indestructible power of darkness, demons, mankind's unholy fire laid aside and dismissed by the rotting lustful hand of unholy mary, the dark fluid of deception is clouding the mind of mankind.

Retribution suicide stand of grace and strength is not foiled by stupidity; the sheep are laid to waste in their twilight upon death; gravestones and solitary demonic powers enforce upon us and give us strength of mind.

Belial finds your people and gives strength, Lucifer binds them in the light and gives will, Leviathan the romance of lust and the final realm of the dead, when Satan manifests across the surfaces of the elements with the burning hatred prepared for the final war, when the black waters feel the massacre of not-god.

The rotting seeds, the indestructible power of darkness, the horror and despicable nature of mankind and the physical abuse of the demonic wanderers, combined in disgusting unholy marriage to our bodies to devour our souls and present at last to the king empty vessels with powerful ever darkening minds.

And as we shall live in the not-god we shall die in our beautiful filth with our citadels of grace.

By Vexen Crabtree 2001 Dec 16
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