Vexen's Infernal Diatribe

By Vexen Crabtree 2001

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Vexen Takes on God and Satan in Turn

A diatribe can appear in many forms! For example, the purely esoteric text called the Book of Satan, which is the first book of The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, the fire element's voice; is an infernal diatribe. There is meaning behind the words... but it is much more a statement of intent, a communication _method_ rather than a way of saying anything factual. A diatribe *can* be completely alien. So this is inspired by that demonic, army-of-thousand girl Diamanda Galas. This is also for anyone who might find such a silly diatribe as mine fun!

God: Vexen, why are so happy?
Vexen: Because I'm dead already! What can I lose? I'm just happy to be still moving!

God: Vexen, why are you as you are?
Vexen: It's the way I am

God: Where do you get your confidence?
Vexen: When I die, all is gone. I am to live my life as indulgently as possible.

God: Sex, drugs and rock and roll?
Vexen: I don't drink much or do drugs. I wish to live as long as I possibly ever can. I am motivated

God: Do you believe in Satan?
Vexen: Do I believe in the Not-God? I dance with Not-God, I move through Not-God. I don't believe in Satan, the Not-God is not alive, not conscious, not living. LaVey calls it the "dark force in nature". It is a state of non-existence

God: Will you ever change?
Vexen: I'm already dead

Vexen: When was I born?
God: I have no record of that.

Vexen: When was I abandoned?
God: I have no recollection of that.

Vexen: Is it true you do not care about me?
God: No

Vexen: Do you exist?
God: No

God: Do I exist?
Vexen: I am already dead, you have not existed in my mind, I have no mechanism to accept that you exist

God: Am I not all powerful?
Vexen: When I died, you became nothing at all

God: Will you ever accept me?
Vexen: Will you force me to?

God: No
Vexen: You need to

God: I can't
Vexen: Because you don't exist

God: What if I do?
Vexen: Not in my world

God: Do you wish to live forever?
Vexen: Yes

God: I can make you live forever, but not against your will.
Vexen: You do not exist in my world. I will accept your offer should you approach me personally, and not this chicken shit Live Journal communication by-proxy joke

God: Do you know that you are possessed?
Vexen: Yes

God: Do you know who by?
Vexen: Death, eternal darkness, I am possessed by the Earth, and will return to it when I die. My final subconscious scream will be that I have failed. But as I have, perhaps, quite a lot of insider knowledge, the Morning Star, our air elemental who stole your flame (which I possess), then that indicates Lucifer: sie is popular amongst us happy liberals

God: Sometimes I do not understand your thoughts
Vexen: I can speak in tongue. A diatribe, if you want

God: Do you believe in perfection? In me?
Vexen: That is beyond the scope of my life and existence

God: Sometimes the trident you carry tickles my foot.
Vexen: Then do something definitive. Stamp on me

Vexen: Can I kill you?
God: There are methods

Vexen: Do I know them?
God: Yes

Vexen: Can you lie?
God: I don't know

Vexen: Can you ever force me to accept you?
Satan: *purr*

Vexen: Why do you hide?
Satan: Perhaps you are not as astray from me as you think you are

Vexen: Do you love?
Satan: I am dead

Vexen: Why should I care for you?
Satan: You do not

Vexen: Why do I appear to?
Satan: You use me

Vexen: Your demons are weak, I control them. Are you weak?
Satan: I have no power

Vexen: Why do you watch me dance?
Satan: I feel like I'm watching myself. You make me proud to be me

Vexen: Should I hate you?
Satan: You are incapable of hate

Vexen: Where is my soul?
Satan: I do not have it

Vexen: Can you account for my soul?
Satan: Missing in action? I do not recall you ever having one

Vexen: Why do I not sleep?
Satan: You have energy

Vexen: I want more energy. How?
Satan: You cannot
Vexen: I know it

Satan: I am busy, I have non-existence and subtlety to attend to
Vexen: OK. I wouldn't presume to say, "see you again". But what will be, will be

Satan: OK
Vexen: Bye

Satan: One last thing. I like your web pages
Vexen: Er...

Satan: Bye
Vexen: Bye Satan.

Current edition: 2001 Oct 12
Parent page: The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism

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